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  • A short survey

    Insphpect was created as part of a PhD project. Your evaluation is incredibly valuable to the research and will help drive this project going forward, please complete this short 18 question survey. It should take less than 5 minutes.

    What data is collected?

    Your answers are anonymous and the following data is collected when you submit the survey:

    1. Your answers to the questions (you will not be asked for your name, contact details or other personal information)
    2. The URLs of any reports you viewed so we can tie survey answers back to the report they refer to
    3. The date and time you completed the survey

    What is the data used for?

    The data collected will be used to evaluate the project. By collecting data from as many real users as possible, Insphpect can be improved and the suggestions it gives can be more meaningful.

  • Question 1

    How would you describe yourself as a programmer?

  • Question 2

    Which languages do write Object-Oriented code in regularly? Please tick all that apply.

  • Question 3

    Do you use code reviews as part of your workflow?

  • Question 4

    Do you use code review tools such as scruitinizer, phpmd, pmd, etc?

  • Question 5

    During code reviews, or when writing your own code, do you look for any of the following? Please tick all that apply.

  • Question 6

    Are you familiar with any of the following Object-Oriented best practices? Please tick all that apply

  • Question 7

    Do you try to follow Object-Oriented best-practices when developing software?

  • Question 8

    Do you actively try to avoid programming practices which go against best practice principles? (For example, do you actively avoid global variables and singletons)

  • Question 9

    Which, if any, programming practices do you actively avoid using (tick all that apply, ignore any you are unfamiliar with)

  • Question 10

    Do you have any comments on the background research of this project (If you didn’t read the background research, please enter N/A, if you read it but have no comments, please leave blank)

  • Question 11

    The insphpect site is intuitive and easy to use

  • Question 12

    How much do you agree with the statement: "Overall, the suggestions made by Insphpect are helpful"?

  • Question 13

    Do you agree with the recommendations made by Insphpect?

  • Question 14

    How much do you agree with the following statement: "The explanations of why identified bad practices should be avoided are clear and helpful."

  • Question 15

    How much do you agree with the following statement: "The grade given is a fair evaluation of the flexibiltiy of the code analysed."

  • Question 16

    How much do you agree with the following statement: "I would like to see a similar tool built for other programming languages."

  • Question 17

    Is there anything you think is missing from Insphpect which should be included in a future update?

  • Question 18

    Do you have any general comments about Insphpect?

  • Survey complete

    Thank you for completing the survey!

    Please remember to share this website with anyone you think might be interested in it. The more feedback we can get, the better the tool will become.