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<?phpnamespace GuzzleHttp\Cookie;use Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface;use Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface;/** * Stores HTTP cookies. * * It extracts cookies from HTTP requests, and returns them in HTTP responses. * CookieJarInterface instances automatically expire contained cookies when * necessary. Subclasses are also responsible for storing and retrieving * cookies from a file, database, etc. * * @link Inspiration * @extends \IteratorAggregate<SetCookie> */interface CookieJarInterface extends \Countable, \IteratorAggregate{    /**     * Create a request with added cookie headers.     *     * If no matching cookies are found in the cookie jar, then no Cookie     * header is added to the request and the same request is returned.     *     * @param RequestInterface $request Request object to modify.     *     * @return RequestInterface returns the modified request.     */    public function withCookieHeader(RequestInterface $request): RequestInterface;    /**     * Extract cookies from an HTTP response and store them in the CookieJar.     *     * @param RequestInterface  $request  Request that was sent     * @param ResponseInterface $response Response that was received     */    public function extractCookies(RequestInterface $request, ResponseInterface $response): void;    /**     * Sets a cookie in the cookie jar.     *     * @param SetCookie $cookie Cookie to set.     *     * @return bool Returns true on success or false on failure     */    public function setCookie(SetCookie $cookie): bool;    /**     * Remove cookies currently held in the cookie jar.     *     * Invoking this method without arguments will empty the whole cookie jar.     * If given a $domain argument only cookies belonging to that domain will     * be removed. If given a $domain and $path argument, cookies belonging to     * the specified path within that domain are removed. If given all three     * arguments, then the cookie with the specified name, path and domain is     * removed.     *     * @param string|null $domain Clears cookies matching a domain     * @param string|null $path   Clears cookies matching a domain and path     * @param string|null $name   Clears cookies matching a domain, path, and name     */    public function clear(?string $domain = null, ?string $path = null, ?string $name = null): void;    /**     * Discard all sessions cookies.     *     * Removes cookies that don't have an expire field or a have a discard     * field set to true. To be called when the user agent shuts down according     * to RFC 2965.     */    public function clearSessionCookies(): void;    /**     * Converts the cookie jar to an array.     */    public function toArray(): array;}