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<?php/* * This file is part of the Symfony package. * * (c) Fabien Potencier <> * * For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE * file that was distributed with this source code. */namespace Symfony\Component\Routing\Loader;use Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\Loader;use Symfony\Component\Config\Resource\FileResource;use Symfony\Component\Routing\RouteCollection;/** * A route loader that calls a method on an object to load the routes. * * @author Ryan Weaver <> */abstract class ObjectLoader extends Loader{    /**     * Returns the object that the method will be called on to load routes.     *     * For example, if your application uses a service container,     * the $id may be a service id.     *     * @return object     */    abstract protected function getObject(string $id);    /**     * Calls the object method that will load the routes.     *     * @param string      $resource object_id::method     * @param string|null $type     The resource type     *     * @return RouteCollection     */    public function load($resource, string $type = null)    {        if (!preg_match('/^[^\:]+(?:::(?:[^\:]+))?$/', $resource)) {            throw new \InvalidArgumentException(sprintf('Invalid resource "%s" passed to the %s route loader: use the format "object_id::method" or "object_id" if your object class has an "__invoke" method.', $resource, \is_string($type) ? '"'.$type.'"' : 'object'));        }        $parts = explode('::', $resource);        $method = $parts[1] ?? '__invoke';        $loaderObject = $this->getObject($parts[0]);        if (!\is_object($loaderObject)) {            throw new \TypeError(sprintf('"%s:getObject()" must return an object: "%s" returned.', static::class, get_debug_type($loaderObject)));        }        if (!\is_callable([$loaderObject, $method])) {            throw new \BadMethodCallException(sprintf('Method "%s" not found on "%s" when importing routing resource "%s".', $method, get_debug_type($loaderObject), $resource));        }        $routeCollection = $loaderObject->$method($this, $this->env);        if (!$routeCollection instanceof RouteCollection) {            $type = get_debug_type($routeCollection);            throw new \LogicException(sprintf('The "%s::%s()" method must return a RouteCollection: "%s" returned.', get_debug_type($loaderObject), $method, $type));        }        // make the object file tracked so that if it changes, the cache rebuilds        $this->addClassResource(new \ReflectionClass($loaderObject), $routeCollection);        return $routeCollection;    }    private function addClassResource(\ReflectionClass $class, RouteCollection $collection)    {        do {            if (is_file($class->getFileName())) {                $collection->addResource(new FileResource($class->getFileName()));            }        } while ($class = $class->getParentClass());    }}