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<?php/* @description     Transformation Style Sheets - Revolutionising PHP templating    * * @author          Tom Butler                                             * * @copyright       2017 Tom Butler <> |                      * * @license  BSD License * * @version         1.2                                                             */namespace Transphporm\SheetLoader;class TSSFile implements TSSRules {	private $fileName;	private $filePath;	private $cacheName;	private $cacheKey;	private $cache;	private $time;	public function __construct($fileName, \Transphporm\FilePath $filePath, $cache, $time) {		$this->fileName = $fileName;		$this->filePath = $filePath;		$this->cache = $cache;	    $this->time = isset($time) ? $time : time();	    $this->cacheName = $this->fileName;	}	private function getRulesFromCache($file) {		//Try to load the cached rules, if not set in the cache (or expired) parse the supplied sheet		$rules = $this->cache->load($this->cacheName, filemtime($file));		if (!isset($this->cacheKey) && isset($rules['cacheKey'])) {			$this->cacheKey = $rules['cacheKey'];		}		if ($rules) {			foreach ($rules['import'] as $file) {				//Check that the import file hasn't been changed since the cache was written				if (filemtime($file) > $rules['ctime']) return false;			}		}		return $rules;	}	public function setCacheKey($tokens) {		$this->cacheKey = $tokens;	}	public function updateRequired($data) {		$this->cacheName = $this->getCacheKey($data);		$rules = $this->getRulesFromCache($this->fileName);		//Nothing was cached or the TSS file has changed, update is required		if (empty($rules)) return true;		//Find the sheet's minimum update-frequency, if it hasn't passed then no updates are required		if ($rules['ctime']+$rules['minFreq'] <= $this->time) return true;		return false;	}	public function getCacheKey($data) {		$this->getRulesFromCache($this->fileName);		if ($this->cacheKey) {			$parser = new \Transphporm\Parser\Value($data);			$cacheKey = $parser->parseTokens($this->cacheKey)[0];			$this->cacheName = $cacheKey . $this->fileName;			return $cacheKey;		}		else return $this->fileName;	}	public function getRules($cssToXpath, $valueParser, $sheetLoader, $indexStart) {		$rules = $this->getRulesFromCache($this->fileName);		$this->filePath->addPath(dirname(realpath($this->fileName)));		if (empty($rules)) $tss = file_get_contents($this->fileName);		else return $rules['rules'];		return $tss == null ? [] : (new \Transphporm\Parser\Sheet($tss, $cssToXpath, $valueParser, $this->filePath, $sheetLoader))->parse($indexStart);	}	//write the sheet to cache    public function write($rules, $imports = []) {		$existing = $this->cache->load($this->fileName, filemtime($this->fileName));		if (isset($existing['import']) && empty($imports)) $imports = $existing['import'];		$this->cache->write($this->cacheName, ['rules' => $rules, 'import' => $imports, 'minFreq' => $this->getMinUpdateFreq($rules), 'ctime' => $this->time, 'cacheKey' => $this->cacheKey]);		return $rules;    }    //Gets the minimum update-frequency for a sheet's rules	private function getMinUpdateFreq($rules) {		$min = \PHP_INT_MAX;		foreach ($rules as $rule) {			$ruleFreq = $rule->getUpdateFrequency();			if ($ruleFreq < $min) $min = $ruleFreq;		}		return $min;	}