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<?php/* @description     Transformation Style Sheets - Revolutionising PHP templating    * * @author          Tom Butler                                             * * @copyright       2017 Tom Butler <> |                      * * @license  BSD License * * @version         1.2                                                             */namespace Transphporm\Pseudo;class Not implements \Transphporm\Pseudo {	private $cssToXpath;    private $config;	public function __construct(\Transphporm\Parser\CssToXpath $cssToXpath, \Transphporm\Config $config) {		$this->cssToXpath = $cssToXpath;        $this->config = $config;	}	public function match($name, $args, \DomElement $element) {		if ($name !== 'not') return true;		$xpath = new \DomXpath($element->ownerDocument);		return $this->notElement($args, $xpath, $element);	}	private function notElement($css, $xpath, $element) {		foreach ($css as $selector) {			$tokenizer = new \Transphporm\Parser\Tokenizer($selector);			$xpathString = $this->cssToXpath->getXpath($tokenizer->getTokens());            $pseudo = $this->cssToXpath->getPseudo($tokenizer->getTokens());            $pseudoMatcher = $this->config->createPseudoMatcher($pseudo);			if ($this->matches($xpath->query($xpathString), $element, $pseudoMatcher)) return false;		}		return true;	}    private function matches($foundElements, $element, $pseudoMatcher) {        //Find all nodes matched by the expressions in the brackets :not(EXPR)        foreach ($foundElements as $matchedElement) {            //Check to see whether this node was matched by the not query            if ($pseudoMatcher->matches($matchedElement) && $element->isSameNode($matchedElement)) return true;        }        return false;    }}