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<?php/* @description     Transformation Style Sheets - Revolutionising PHP templating    * * @author          Tom Butler                                             * * @copyright       2017 Tom Butler <> |                      * * @license  BSD License * * @version         1.2                                                             */namespace Transphporm\Property;class Repeat implements \Transphporm\Property {	private $functionSet;	private $elementData;	private $line;    private $filePath;	public function __construct(\Transphporm\FunctionSet $functionSet, \Transphporm\Hook\ElementData $elementData, &$line, \Transphporm\FilePath $filePath) {		$this->functionSet = $functionSet;		$this->elementData = $elementData;		$this->line = &$line;        $this->filePath = $filePath;	}	public function run(array $values, \DomElement $element, array $rules, \Transphporm\Hook\PseudoMatcher $pseudoMatcher, array $properties = []) {		$values = $this->fixEmpty($values);		if ($element->getAttribute('transphporm') === 'added') return $element->parentNode->removeChild($element);		$this->handleContentModeAppend($element, $rules);		$max = $this->getMax($values);		$count = 0;		$repeat = $this->getRepeatValue($values, $max);		//Don't run repeat on the cloned element or it will loop forever		unset($rules['repeat']);		$hook = $this->createHook($rules, $pseudoMatcher, $properties);		foreach ($repeat as $key => $iteration) {			if ($count+1 > $max) break;			$clone = $this->cloneElement($element, $iteration, $key, $count++);			//Re-run the hook on the new element, but use the iterated data			if ($hook) $hook->run($clone);		}		//Remove the original element		$element->parentNode->removeChild($element);		return false;	}	private function handleContentModeAppend(\DomElement $element, array $rules) {		$contentMode = (isset($rules['content-mode'])) ? $rules['content-mode']->read() : 'replace';		if ($contentMode == 'append') {			$clone = $element->cloneNode(true);			$clone->setAttribute('transphporm', 'immutable');			$element->parentNode->insertBefore($clone, $element);		}	}	private function getRepeatValue($values, &$max) {		$mode = $this->getMode($values);		$repeat = $values[0];		if ($mode !== 'each') { // $mode === 'loop'			$repeat = range($values[0], $max);			$max++;		}		return $repeat;	}	private function getMode($args) {		return isset($args[2]) ? $args[2] : 'each';	}	private function fixEmpty($value) {		if (empty($value[0])) $value[0] = [];		return $value;	}	private function cloneElement($element, $iteration, $key, $count) {		$clone = $element->cloneNode(true);		$this->tagElement($clone, $count);		$this->elementData->bind($clone, $iteration, 'iteration');		$this->elementData->bind($clone, $key, 'key');		$element->parentNode->insertBefore($clone, $element);		return $clone;	}	private function tagElement($element, $count) {		//Mark all but one of the nodes as having been added by transphporm, when the hook is run again, these are removed		if ($count > 0) $element->setAttribute('transphporm', 'added');	}	private function getMax($values) {		return isset($values[1]) ? $values[1] : PHP_INT_MAX;	}	private function createHook($newRules, $pseudoMatcher, $properties) {		// Only create a hook if there are remaining properties to process		// for this rule e.g. repeat: data(); content: "foo"		// The content property still needs to be used		// But for rules that are just { repeat: data(); } this can be skipped.		if (empty($newRules)) return false;		$hook = new \Transphporm\Hook\PropertyHook($newRules, $this->line, null, $this->line, $pseudoMatcher, new \Transphporm\Parser\Value($this->functionSet), $this->functionSet, $this->filePath);		foreach ($properties as $name => $property) $hook->registerProperty($name, $property);		return $hook;	}}