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<?php/* @description     Transformation Style Sheets - Revolutionising PHP templating    * * @author          Tom Butler                                             * * @copyright       2017 Tom Butler <> |                      * * @license  BSD License * * @version         1.2                                                             */namespace Transphporm\Hook;/** Hooks into the template system, gets assigned as `ul li` or similar and `run()` is called with any elements that match */class PropertyHook implements \Transphporm\Hook {	private $rules;	private $configLine;	private $file;    private $filePath;	private $line;	private $valueParser;	private $pseudoMatcher;	private $properties = [];	private $functionSet;	public function __construct(array $rules, &$configLine, $file, $line, PseudoMatcher $pseudoMatcher,            \Transphporm\Parser\Value $valueParser, \Transphporm\FunctionSet $functionSet, \Transphporm\FilePath $filePath) {		$this->rules = $rules;		$this->configLine = &$configLine;		$this->file = $file;        $this->filePath = $filePath;		$this->line = $line;		$this->valueParser = $valueParser;		$this->pseudoMatcher = $pseudoMatcher;		$this->functionSet = $functionSet;	}	public function runOnImmutableElements(): bool {		return false;	}	public function run(\DomElement $element) {		//Set the baseDir so that all files for this rule are relative to the file it came from        if ($this->file !== null) $this->filePath->setBaseDir(dirname(realpath($this->file)));		$this->functionSet->setElement($element);		$this->configLine = $this->line;		try {			//Don't run if there's a pseudo element like nth-child() and this element doesn't match it			if (!$this->pseudoMatcher->matches($element)) return;			$this->callProperties($element);		}		catch (\Transphporm\RunException $e) {			throw new \Transphporm\Exception($e, $this->file, $this->line);		}	}	// TODO: Have all rule values parsed before running them so that things like `content-append` are not expecting tokens	// problem with this is that anything in data changed by run properties is not shown	// TODO: Allow `update-frequency` to be parsed before it is accessed in rule (might need to switch location of rule check)	private function callProperties($element) {		foreach ($this->rules as $name => $value) {			$result = $this->callProperty($name, $element, $this->getArgs($value));			if ($result === false) break;		}	}	private function getArgs($value) {		return $this->valueParser->parseTokens($value);	}	public function registerProperty($name, \Transphporm\Property $property) {		$this->properties[$name] = $property;	}	private function callProperty($name, $element, $value) {		if (isset($this->properties[$name])) {			try {				return $this->properties[$name]->run($value, $element, $this->rules, $this->pseudoMatcher, $this->properties);			}			catch (\Exception $e) {				if ($e instanceof \Transphporm\RunException) throw $e;				throw new \Transphporm\RunException(\Transphporm\Exception::PROPERTY, $name, $e);			}		}	}}